Monday, November 29, 2010

The First SOURSOP Birthday (aka Cece's birthday)

We had a Soursop Birthday!  My very cool friend Cece just celebrated her ___th birthday, and our friend Kari even came all the way from Hawaii to celebrate!

So here's how it went down (I'm going to skip the part when I was at work and they were off partying without me because, let's face it, it couldn't have been much of a party :P)

Happy hour at Bluewater Grill, which has awesome...I don't remember whats

Next - Karissa's house to make Cece help decorate her own birthday cupcakes (because she likes that sort of thing, we told ourselves).  They came out really great - good job Cece!

In case you couldn't tell, Cece loves pandas

Present time!

Kari's window blinds shirt and Soursop's Happy is optional card

My (Anna's) zigzag dress and Soursop's Fairest of them all card

Karissa's black lacy print dress and Soursop's Wish for a pretty dress card

Massiel's "Cece likes gray" sweater and a pretty floral card 
(Soursop doesn't do pretty flowers ;P)

Cece gave us presents too - thanks Cece!

Next - Dinner!

We had dinner at Chateaux in Irvine, and then danced the night away!  

Happy birthday Cece!


  1. Ooh!! I'm first!!
    That was a really fun Soursop birthday. Very clever cards, Anna!!

  2. Thanks! And thanks for being our FIRST birthday :)